Port Security

As the shipping and container industry continues to grow worldwide, it has never been more important to address the threat to ports and harbours from terrorism, trafficking and other illegal activities.

At GLIS, we provide a range of security and defence solutions to ports, harbours, oil platforms, naval bases and other coastal and shipping facilities. Our solutions help to tackle threats such as terrorist attacks, people trafficking, theft and the smuggling of drugs, weapons and explosives.

We procure, implement and maintain numerous systems designed to protect ports and harbours and prevent illegal movements of people and goods. We use technology such as radar, sonar and thermal imaging to detect, monitor and address specific threats, including suspicious diving activity that could indicate terrorist operations. We also provide equipment for check points, such as metal detectors, X-ray machines and scanners for people, vehicles and shipping containers. We are able to screen for a range of contraband items and substances, including drugs, explosives and weapons.

To control access to ports and harbours, we are also able to implement entry control solutions to limit movement, including turnstiles, barriers and rising vehicle ramps. To strengthen security still further, we offer a number of state-of-the-art identification systems, including ID verification and biometric security. Tying all this together, we supply integrated control and command centres for effective on-going security monitoring.