Border Security

Border security is a major concern for governments around the world, with the smuggling of people, drugs and other contraband items all contributing to crime, terrorism and other social problems on a global scale.

At GLIS, we assist governments by providing integrated border security solutions encompassing surveillance, detection and screening at land, sea and air borders. Our checkpoint screening covers people, goods, vehicles and containers, including passport and document authentication and routine screening for illegal substances such as drugs and explosives.

In addition to scanning people and vehicles, we can help prevent illegal movements using specialist border detection systems. Our long-range surveillance equipment is designed to maintain high security across hundreds or even thousands of miles – even in challenging terrain.

We also help governments by supplying high-security border fencing, as well as deploying technology such as drones and radar systems to detect illegal border crossings by land, sea or air. Other ways in which we assist countries with strengthening their border security include training personnel and supplying coast guard patrol craft and security vehicles.