Aviation security

With the threat of terrorism at an all-time high, the need for intense security around airports has never been greater.

Add to that the continuing fight against other criminal activity increasingly exploiting air travel, such as the smuggling of drugs and other contraband goods, and it’s clear that the aviation industry requires highly specialised security to minimise the risks to passengers, airport staff and aircrew.

At GLIS, we provide specialist security solutions designed to meet the unique demands of the aviation industry. Drawing on our expertise in safety, fire, security and defence, our efficient and reliable airport security services protect airports to ensure the safe movement of people and goods around the world.

Making airports safe for everyone

Our advanced security screening operations allow us to identify suspicious behaviour in and around airports, from preventing unauthorised pedestrian and vehicle airside access to the screening of passengers and luggage for metal, weapons, narcotics and explosives.

We design, implement and monitor state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance in the terminal and around the airport perimeter, providing integrated control and command rooms for efficient monitoring of every aspect of airport security. Complimenting these systems, we use other advanced analytics technology and advanced detection systems such as ground-based radar to detect and track suspicious individuals.

Our aviation security services also help to identify other kinds of airport security issues, using automatic systems to detect and mitigate threats such as debris on the runway, fire or unattended baggage. We supply numerous airport systems, from emergency vehicles to passenger information displays. To help prevent corruption and collusion, we can even supply specialist teams to run airport security on your behalf, as well as discreet escort and meet and greet services for aircrew and businesspeople.